Cognitive Experiential


Unbox a team of critical thinkers and assemble enhanced performers,
strong communicators and an improved sales force with our genre-defining cognitive programs.


This is our longest standing category. This is where we started, over 25 years ago, up in the high Maluti Mountains. The interventions in this category are powerful experiential experiences that cut right to point, they help teams confront how and why they operate, rapidly demonstrate strengths and weaknesses, and then enhance understanding and willingness to change and grow.

Today they are as applicable as they were in the early days. They are flexible and can now be run indoors or outdoors at a range of venues around the globe. They are culturally unbiased and produce outstanding results across very wide and diverse ranges of demographics.

Each of these interventions are built around a 5 step process. We professionally facilitate the experience to ensure that delegates not only move out of their comfort zones and get to know each other, but also safely learn new skills and techniques with which they can return to the workplace and actually increase levels of performance.

We recently added a series of new interventions in this category that address strategy, sales improvement, hands-on performance enhancement and overall communication levels. Each of these services breaks down barriers, increase levels of trust and cooperation, and raise levels of understanding and commitment to a common goal.

These interventions are an essential ingredient in a well-structured change management program. We know that every leader needs a journey plan which helps him or her move the team from where they are to where they need to be. It was with this critical need in mind that we developed this category of turning points.

Each product is built on proven results, established team improvement methodology and years of experience. We have in excess of 100 000 hours of delivery time on these services alone.

You will be so glad you booked them for your people.


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