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  • Inspire your people. Do more than book a team building experience.
  • Fuel a positive turning point for your team using Movie Maker.
  • Imagine making your own movie to start something new or celebrate a success together?



  • Think of that long, long list of credits at the end. Can there be a more exciting team effort than this?
  • Can there be a more interesting, fun project?
  • Delegates will work as production teams with real digital video equipment, tripods, storyboards and professional editing suites.
  • They will write the script, take on the roles of director, editor, cameraman, location scouts, producer, etc.
  • They will be the creators and the actors, making and starring in their very own movie!


This project will be immensely popular with your people and every single one of them will have important and challenging tasks to accomplish. It is safe. It is fun. It defines the future. There are no 'passengers' here. They will talk about it for ages afterwards. This is class! A sophisticated, high-quality, high profile project that will elevate your conference and elevate you in the eyes of your team for having chosen it for them to do. The team will experience what it is like to work together in a fantastically organised and aesthetic way to produce a highly desired product. The tremendous kick everyone involved will get out of this experience and the learning points it creates will give everyone a fantastic head start to teaming more closely and effectively than ever before! The Movie Maker Experience will be real in every sense of the word. And the teams make it all. We are there as a resource, but you do it all, even the filming, and the editing. In a matter of hours! You will be astounded at the result. The process is fun. This is vital for the actual turning point process: everyone is having fun while getting behind an initiative, and of course, a natural by-product is that people get to know each other much better.

The process is effective and applicable for people from all cultures, physical abilities, both genders and personality types because there are plenty of roles in front of the camera (extroverted) and behind the camera (introverted). Everyone will have a specific role and will have gotten involved and contributed to the movie. Long after the team build is over, the movies can still be usefully viewed 3, 6 or even 12 months later as a review tool or even an induction into the company’s culture. At the end of Movie Maker, teams have the opportunity of viewing their movies at "An Evening at the Oscars". Oscars are awarded in many different categories, and this is done in true Hollywood style. A great advantage of this project is the tangible, visible and valuable product at the end (the movie itself). You take it home with you as a reminder of what has been and can be achieved, and this can be of use to the organisation in many ways.


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