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  • Use News Room to launch a new idea, manage the future from the present, implement a change or tap into a multitude of possibilities that lie latent inside your teams.



  • News Room is a sophisticated high technology turning point experience that unlocks the solutions that exist in your people‚Äôs minds and hearts.
  • With over a decade of application experience, we have refined this process into a high impact platform that delivers useful insights, raises participation and unlocks disposable energy.


It injects hope, challenges fixed ideas and buries years of death by PowerPoint. It can be used to redirect or rejuvenate your vision, inculcate a new set of values or disseminate a new brand position. It is safe and accessible. It connects people from a wide range of different cultures, generations and backgrounds. It unites people around a common goal.

The beauty of the process lies in its ability to wrap around your conference from start-to-finish. It is often used after we have completed a snapshot audit to help confront very specific change management requirements. It opens the bigger picture, turns the tables on the traditional approach and challenges your people to show up as leaders, writers, reporters and producers of the news stories of the tomorrow. It can be run in an hour or designed to run over several days, on-line and off-line. It revolutionises the way in which conferences work as it gets people involved in something fun, which is real and they can own and be proud of.

There is something for every member of your team. They will be welcomed into the fast-paced world of the media as media crew, reporters, anchors, hosts, camera teams, producers and guests. They all have an integral role to play in making a success of the show. We have run this around the world in all sorts of formats. It connects organisations and sets up project teams for success. It allows senior executives to engage their people in a unique way. It awakens cultures and understanding as a bottom-up engagement tool. It sensitises organisations to moments of truth as a customer service training exercise. It diffuses conflict and gets people from all walks of life to confront tough issues and co-create solutions together.

In News Room, your people will strategise on how to put together their very own live TV news broadcast. This output is filmed and available as a cascading communication tool for the leadership to brief the rest of the organisation in different parts of the world. What better way to show a sense of being united than producing a clear statement in the News?


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