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Comedy Club is a fun filled, social interactive experience where each team has a chance to express themselves, improvise and laugh out loud. Perfect comedic timing and good sense of humour – will have your peers rolling on the floor. Break a leg and take your team to a new level of sensation and fun.

Comedy Club is a vibrant team experience that let us each member of the team shine whilst being part of the team. The evening can take many turns; from two or three way banter between the comics or a “who’s line is it anyway” type approach as the teams use props, or random topics from the audience.

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What will the Team Experience?

An event filled with fun, stimulation, entertainment, improvisation and laughs. Each round of the evening is professionally facilitated, hosted and packed with technical support to ensure that you have everything at your disposal, from mics to staging, to lights, sound and screens that will engage everyone and even raise the roof.

More information on the process

1. Jokes selection and routine rehearsal!

The emerging performers now work with our facilitators and receive coaching in terms of presentation, stage presence improve with props and audience interaction. They can even have the help and guidance of a professional stand up comic to orientate them on the art of the act and how to pull it all together.

2. Let’s get this party started!

The comics arrive, we kick off with our own host or MC warming the audience up and then we randomly call up the teams and the stage is theirs, each group has from 5 to 15 minutes on stage. We film the sessions from start to finish and everyone gets a DVD.

3. DJ Nights Awards!

We wrap up the contest with awards in a variety of different categories and then hand back to the/our MC or comic to pull it together and end on a high!”

Comedy Club detailed Specifications

1. The target group’s needs are to:

  • Celebrate a recent success
  • Enhance their personal relationships
  • Let go, laugh and enjoy themselves

2. The focus areas are on:

  • Extreme amounts of fun
  • Breaking down barriers with one another
  • Being able to laugh amongst each other
  • Enjoying each other’s company
  • Making history with one another

3. Added features that emerge are:

  • A high competitiveness level which increases the drive to succeed within the organisation
  • Increased group morale and connectivity

Included and Excluded in Core Costing

Included in Comedy Club :

  • Professional process facilitation
  • Professional technical facilitation and support
  • Professional facilitated feedback session
  • All equipment needed

Excluded in Comedy Club:

  • All venue hire and venue-related costs such as meals and refreshments
  • Additional DVD edited copies of the “Behind the Scenes” movie @ R100.00 each excl Vat. (To be delivered 14 days after the intervention)
  • Refreshments and meals for our facilitators
  • Accommodation for our facilitators if required
  • Flights and car rental if required
  • Travel costs @ R 5.50 / km
  • Setup and strike fee of R750



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