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The team will experience what it is like to work together in a marvellously creative and organised way to produce a beautifully choreographed final product. The tremendous kick everyone involved will get out of this experience and the learning points it creates, will give everyone a fantastic head start to teaming more closely and effectively than ever before!

During the day delegates will have the added option of being grouped and partnered with a professional instructor and aided by our facilitators, they will be taken to the stage/theatre and begin their training. They will be taught anything from basic dances, to poses and stances that are visually impressive from the audience perspective. All of this in preparation for their big performance later in the evening!

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More information on the Process

Process Logistics:

The group will be briefed and divided into teams of ±10 delegates. Each of the teams will have the opportunity to learn or plan a dance/ theatre routine and incorporate this into their overall team performance. They will organise, learn, select music, rehearse, costumes, script introductions and bring all these elements together.

Each team will have their own set of equipment:

  • Make-up
  • Costumes
  • Wigs and additional props
  • Dance studio
  • Screen & lights
  • Music and CD players

From our side we will have two types of facilitators working with the group:

  • Process facilitators: focus on team dynamics and ensure that the purpose of the day is achieved. In other words, is the right message being delivered through the dance routines?
  • Technical facilitators & dance instructors: they assist with the various dance steps and routines, how to learn them quickly and how best to apply them.

More Information on the Process

1. Pre-Production and Planning:

  • Behind the Screen introductory video
  • Brief
  • Delegates are put into teams (choice of these is left to your discretion)
  • Allocation of key hats: Producer, Director, Choreographer, Make-up Artist, Props Master, Lead Male performer, Lead Female performer, Music Master, Costumes
  • The production houses conceptualise their story boards, including script, visual representation, music and audio

2. Production:

  • Dance & move-step learning
  • Choreography
  • Dancers learn and rehearse their moves and steps
  • Directors work with performers to create that perfect scene
  • Producers manage the production house’s time as well as making sure that everyone is involved and contributing to the masterpiece
  • Make-up artists are applying their skills

3. A night of the Stars!

  • Red carpet
  • Media interviews and online voting
  • We MC the event
  • Teams are randomly called to perform
  • Judges deliberate and awards are handed out
  • Acceptance speeches are made

 Specifications, Objectives and Outcomes

1. The target group’s needs are to:

  • Celebrate a recent success
  • Enhance their interpersonal relationships
  • Let go, party and enjoy themselves
  • Become energised

2. The focus areas are on:

  • Extreme amounts of fun
  • Breaking down barriers with one another
  • Being able to laugh amongst each other
  • Enjoy each other’s company.
  • Creating memories with one another

3. Added features that emerge are:

  • A high competitive level which increases the drive to succeed within the organisation
  • Increased group morale and connectivity



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